LDS Temple Provo Medallion

LDS Temple Provo Medallion

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  • Size 3"
  • Description 3D Design. Each medallion undergoes an acid bath to deliver the antique bronze look. Electroplated for enamels to fuse to the core metal.
  • Material Brass
  • Name and ID LDS Temple Provo Medallion ID:HM-R-20

Product Description

LDS Temple Provo Medallion

Size: 3"

Indoor urn application widely used (indoor home urn interment, including columbarium interment) & Outdoor all weather applications, as these medallions are built for monument and headstone application also.

The primary applications of the medallions include mounting them or recessing them onto the surface of a headstone, monument, or urn. In addition, they can be given as tributes or expressions of appreciation to those being honored.

Secondary applications include placing them on or near the casket at the time of the service or placing the medallion (larger size of four inch is best) near the registration book.

Made in the USA

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LDS Temple Provo Medallion

LDS Temple Provo Medallion