Funerals, memorials, methods of dispostion of the deceased, is a matter of personal choice in any state within the United States. Non traditional funerals are becoming ever more popular with the public. Personalization of the funeral/memorial is becoming the mainstream due to new customs and tastes of individuality with the abilities for individuals to make a lasting statement of their each individuals' extraordinary lives. Celebration of Life Ceremonies are popular and fast replacing traditional services.

Please make sure that your funeral director hands you a physical general price list (GPL) immediately when beginning a funeral consultation or arrangement.  This is a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  You may take it home with you if you wish.

Embalming is only required by law if death occurred due to certain contagious diseases and certain time between transport of the deceased across state lines. Embalming regulations are governed individually by state.  The funeral home may require embalming if there is a public viewing. Embalming is a process that hinders, slows down the decomposition process itself.

Casket vaults are not a requirement.  A minimum grave liner or box may be a requirement by the cemetery for the maintenance of cemetery grounds. Subject to individual cemetery poli Cubic Inches.

No sealing casket or embalming will in the long-run, prevent decomposition of the deceased.