We welcome you to the House of Urns.

Founded by a former funeral director, family owned and operated; House of Urns, LLC was built on the foundations of funeral service traditions; customer understanding and family needs at this difficult time. We offer the most unique cremation and memorial products for human and pet cremains.  Our cremation urn designs, are from high quality, innovative suppliers.  Our product offerings to you, will continue to evolve and will be added to our growing list of high quality and unique products.



Arrangements of funerary items are often performed under pressure and stress, with usually quick decision making. We are here to accommodate your needs and assist in memorializing your loved one.  Our service provides all needed guidance from merchandise inquiry and selection to the completion of an order and shipment, continuing with after sale support for any possible questions or concerns.  We are here in servicing you above your expectations.  We are here 24hrs a day to serve your needs and help you find the items that you are comfortable with that will fulfill your and your loved ones requirements to help celebrate their lives. If you have any concerns, comments, please contact us. Thank you again for letting us, serve you.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, anytime.

From our family to your family.


Darius and Asta Marchertas