Eco-funerals should be green in every aspect.

Having an eco-funeral means having one that is both natural and simple, a funeral that doesn’t waste resources just so it will look good. , so it’s important that you have a green burial as part of the funeral service. With the help of the green materials used in the construction of the urn or coffin, the site where the burial takes place will remain natural. The body should be buried in a blanket, a casket that is biodegradable or a shroud. There are quite a few options of  urns and caskets constructed from eco materials, which are either recycled or are easily renewed in nature.

It is also important that the burial site doesn’t use a concrete vault, or that the body is not treated with formaldehyde based embalming fluids. A lot of people realize these days how important it is to protect our planet, to leave something to the future generations. Any other organism returns to the ground when it dies, but humans are different and waste a lot of resources even when it comes to their funerals. Traditional funerals are responsible for hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete, metals and toxic fluids being buried into the ground. The combined impact of a few million burials per year is not a small one and everyone should try to do something to fix it. There are natural burials available as well, places where all funerals are eco-friendly. They can be beautiful places, without headstones, concrete and other man made objects to interfere. A headstone is not necessary, since flower beds or newly planted trees can mark a place where someone is buried just as well. The relatives can plant flowers, shrubs and native trees there, making sure something new grows in that place.

Biodegradable Water and Earth Urns and Caskets are used in both Eco-friendly and Green Funerals. You can view our eco  products at Green Burials is a division of House of Urns LLC.