Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry

Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry

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  • Description Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry, ID: KL-dog-tag
  • Dimensions 1" H x 0.5" W • 20" Chain
  • Material Hand Cast Pewter Necklace
  • Cubic Inch Trace

Product Description

Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry

Choice of Tag: Cross | Paw | Heart

Choice of Stone: Siam/January, Amethyst/February, Aquamarine/March, Crystal/April, Emerald/May, Light Amethyst/June, Ruby/July, Peridot/August, Sapphire/September, Rose/October, Topaz/November, Light Sapphire/December

Tag dimensions: 1" H x 0.5" W • 20" Chain
Composition: Hand Cast Pewter Necklace
Customization & Options: Approximately 6.35mm Birthstone Swarovski® Crystal covers compartment that allows for a pinch of cremated remains.  Industrial strength Pewter glue, jewelry box and instructions included

Made in the United States

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Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry

Pewter Dog Tag Jewelry