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Cretian Antique Brushed Nickel Urn

Cretian Antique Brushed Nickel Urn

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  • Urn Name and ID Cretian Antique Brushed Nickel Urn. ID: KLP-cretian-brushed-nickel
  • Description Brushed Nickel Cremation Ash Urn, Brushed Nickel with an Antique Finish
  • Dimensions 10.5" H x 7" D
  • Maximum Cubic Inch 205
  • Engravable Yes
  • Material Hand Cast Metal. Made in the USA

Product Description

Cretian Antique Brushed Nickel Urn

Plated in antique Brushed Nickel.

Dimensions: 10.5" H x 7" D
Volume: 205 cubic inches
Composition: Hand-Cast Metal.  Bottom closure plug, screw-in plate and velvet adhesive cover.

Custom engraving available with name, dates, symbols, or epithet.  Letter Darkening Available.

Make in the USA.

made in usa

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Cretian Antique Brushed Nickel Urn
192.90 $192.90