Cremains Vault - for Cremation

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The cremains urn vault is made specifically for a black temporary container or a small urn.

Made of ABS Poly

Lowest profile
Used for second rite of interment

Urn vaults provide protection from subsoil elements. Urn Vaults prevent the earth from settling.  Choosing to place the urn in a vault an urn vault keeps the cremains in their unaltered state so that if they are ever to be moved to a different grave, it can be performed easily. Most cemeteries will accept Urn Vaults, it is advisable to check with your cemetery.

Interior: 11" x 8" x 6.25"

Cremains vault height allows for a 6.25" high urn (keepsake size)

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Description Lowest profile and used for second rite of interment.
Dimensions Interior: 11" x 8" x 6.25"
Material ABS Poly
Name and ID Cremains ID: 4000-0001
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